Cyprus Tourist Guides invite visitors to enjoy the beauty ,history and varied landscape of Cyprus. Let our professional guides open the most exciting window to Cyprus. 

Cypriot Tourist Guides provide knowledgeable and competent guiding in the following areas:

Cyprus history stretches back 11000 years. Archaeological sites range from the Neolithic period to Roman times and are near the coast. Archaeological work in progress may often be located and seen and many sites continue to reveal exciting finds. The neolithic site of Choirokoitia and the Antiquities of Pafos are listed in the UNOSCO catalogue of the World Cultural Heritage Monuments.

The geological formation of Cyprus is an open challenge to both scientists  and amateurs. A huge underwater volcanic eruption formed Troodos 90 million years ago. From a geological point of view Troodos consists of plutonic igneous rocks. The rocks became solidified deep on the ocean bed. Such rocks are the serpentines,gabbro and diabase. The central mass of plutonic rocks is surrounded by a very interesting geologic volcanic formation.

Byzantine and Medieval History
The Byzantine and Medieval periods are the most easily appreciated by visiting the many mountain churches with their frescoes dating from the 9th century AD to the 18th century AD. There are ten Byzantine churches that are listed in the UNESCO catalogue as Worlds cultural heritage monuments.

Cyprus is a nature-lovers paradise. Nearly 1800 different species and sub species of flowering flora may be found on the island, 7% of which are endemic to Cyprus. During late winter season and early spring there is an adundance of blossom and flowers and one can explore many nature trails that offer access to trees and shrubs that can be enjoyed all the year round.

Historic Towns
Organised tours are provided by travel Agents in Lefkosia, Larnaka,Lemesos and Ayia Napa on specific days of the week. Moreover, there are organised walking tours that can be joined for people to get better acquainted with the towns.

Guides are happy to provide tours through all public and private museums available in Cyprus.

Outdoor Activities
Tourist Guides can escort visitors to sporting activities including mountain biking and nature trails, walks,boating and boat excursions along the coast and jeep safaris.

Tourist Guides can guide on general excursions which explore various regions of the island.

Traditional life excursions
Tourist guides can take visitors to villages famous for wine-making, pottery and the traditional crafts. Wine tastings, music and dancing at traditional tavernas are also available.

Incentive tours
Specially tailored tours can be arranged in consultation with the agent to provide an exciting, exclusive and unique experience.