In Cyprus one finds tastes closely related to Greek cuisine and influenced by the Middle East, Asia Minor and Europe reflecting the rich history of the island. The Mediterranean diet uses fresh local ingredients, herbs, spices, olive oil, grains and pulses, sun-ripened fresh fruit and vegetables, high-protein fish, lean meat and poultry. You can experience a wide range of food by visiting a local traditional cypriot tavern where you can try the combination of different tastes called ''meze'' a variety of dishes with meat and vegetables prepared by the local chef. 

Wine Tasting

In Cyprus there are more than 20 registered regional wineries. New vineyards have been developed, and the wine production has been increased with the use of local as well as famous international varieties of grapes. Old Cyprus types of grapes have been re-discovered,  old wineries have been restored and new ones built. The laboratories have researched new production techniques and their oenologists have introduced new styles and new brands. There are many wineries open to the public where wine may be tasted and purchased. Everywhere you travel in Cyprus you will see charming, unique vineyards with indigenous varieties. You will also try the traditional wine Commandaria introduced by the Crusaders, from grapes grown in strictly controlled 'Appellation of Origin' areas.  


Organised tours with licensed tourist guides take you around the island, including meals, shopping and sightseeing. Travel around picturesque villages in the mountains of the island and discover the locals, their culture, customs and their way of life. Cypriots are known for their genuine hospitality and friendliness.