Archaeology:  Guided tours take place to all the archeological sites, museums, and monuments of the island in order to discover 10,000 years of history and heritage, from Neolithic to Modern Times.

Byzantine History and Art: Cyprus is dubbed the Island of Saints. In every village, city, in the mountains and near the coast, one will come across different Byzantine Orthodox Churches and Monasteries. You will discover the rich and majestic monuments, uncovering thrilling and unique mural paintings, frescos, icons and christian artifacts. We undertake tours to unique UNESCO heritage monuments, and Byzantine Art museums.

Medieval Architecture and Cathedrals: The island was under the Frankish and Venetian rule over a period of 400 years and during this period many medieval buildings were built. There are examples of authentic gothic cathedrals, medieval castles, towers and fortifications that can be seen all over the island. You will uncover the secrets of the past and the magnificent lives of Kings and Queens who ruled Cyprus thorughout the centuries. 

The Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted by UNESCO in 1972. The Republic of Cyprus ratified the Convention in 1975 and became one of the nations committed to the protection of the world's cultural and natural sites. There is a large number of monuments and sites that reflect human activity and diverse past cultures on the island. The protection of this rich cultural heritage has been entrusted to the Antiquities Department of Cyprus. 

UNESCO sites of Cyprus 

  • PALAEPAPHOS - The Temple of Aphrodite
  • NEA PAPHOS - The Mosaics of Nea Paphos