By the Nicosia Tourism Board

Free guided tours at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia

Sponsored by the Nicosia Tourism Board

Guided tours will be available to individual visitors every Tuesday, Friday

in English 

Tuesdays & Fridays - Museum Tours


All visitors must pay the Museum entrance tichet 4.50 Euros


The Tours are sponsored by the Nicosia Tourism Board

The tours are supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, The Cyprus Tourist Guides Association and the Department of Antiquitites



Get to Know Cyprus is an event that began in 1978 and takes place every year. The aim is to give the opportunity to the people of Cyprus to visit and discover unique and important places that relate to the Cyprus cultural heritage. The tours are guided by Licensed CTO Guides members of the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association.

The Event Get to Know Cyprus inspired the creation of another important international event called The International Tourist Guide Day held on the 21st of February each year. The president of the World Federation Tourist Guide Association Mrs Titina Loizides, initiated the first event 1989 at the time. Since then, tourist guides in an ever growing number of countries have been giving help to their local communities, conducting tours for persons with disabilities, children, officials and the general public.

For many years the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association has maintained very close relations with the Ministry of Energy,Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents as well as other associations in order to promote the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus.

Our guides are qualified professionals and have managed over the years to convey their love and passion for their country thus making this annual event a great success. Everyone knows how important the role of licensed CTO Guides is. They present their culture and historical heritage to millions of visitors and are a global symbol of the succesful promotion of one's country.