walking & bus tours


FREE CITY WALKING TOURS: All tours start at 10:00am, guided by Licensed Guides and offered by the Municipalities, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association. The tours introduce places of great interest and give the opportunity for observing craftsmen at work, details of old and neoclassical architecture and unfolding the traditional way of life in the old towns. Participants are guided by Licensed CTO guides, bearing the official insignia of the Association.The language used for all Municipalities is in English. In Ayia Napa the languages used are English, German and Swedish.

Lefkosia (year-around)
Starting point: CTO Information Office in Laiki Yitonia.   
For more information call:    22 674264  
The walks take place throughout the year, twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. The duration of the tours is approximately two and a half hours with a twenty minute break.
Mondays tour: ''Kaimakli & Palouriotissa", explores the north east suburbs of the city by bus and on foot, outside the Venetian Walls. During the tour one visits workshops, churches and neighborhoods, observing architecture that reflects the old traditional style of the capital. 
Thursdays tour:
"Discover the old town and its walls", directs tourists to churches, neighborhoods and workshops where craftsmen still work in the traditional way and the narrow streets of the city.  

Lemesos (year-around) 
Starting point: CTO Information Office at 142, Agiou Andreou Street
For more information call: 25 362756 
The walks take place throughout the year on Mondays and last approximately two and a half hours. The aim is to explore the historical centre of Lemesos by walking through narrow streets and to discover its long history. Some of the main features are monuments of the past, traditional workshops, unique architecture, old market and traditional shops.

Lemesos - Germasoyeia (October-April)
tarting point: CTO Information Office in Germasogeia.
For more information call: 25 323211
The tours take place from October to April on Wednesdays and last approximately three hours. There are two walking tours that take place every alternate week. 
The first tour
: ''Germasogeia-A Village Blessed by Water'', takes visitors to the picturesque village of Germasogeia, explores neighborhoods, architecture, churches and the rich village life. The tour also includes a visit to the Germasogeia water dam. 
The second tour
: ''Germasogeia'' aims to unravel the natural history of the area, by walking along the nature trails of the area and enjoing the panoramic views from the hills. During spring colourful flowers and shrubs cover the valley and one can observe many different species of singing birds.

Larnaca (year-around).
tarting point: CTO Information Office, Plateia Vasileos Pavlou City Centre and Larnaka Castle
For more information call: 24 654322.
The tours take place throughout the year on Wednesdays and Fridays and last approximately two hours with a twenty minute break for rest at a traditional coffee shop.
Wednesdays tour: ''Larnaka - Its Past & Present''. It starts at the Plateia Vasilios Pavlou, at the CTO Information Office. It covers the history of Larnaka and its importance as a maritime sentre throughout the centuries. The tour explores workshops and craftsmen at work, giving visitors a taste of the past and the present. The main features of the tour are Larnaca's traditional architecture, workshops, Byzantine monuments, St Lazarus Church and other historical buildings.
Fridays tour: "Skala and Its Craftsmen". It starts at Larnaka Castle, at the end of the the Palm Trees Promenade. It explores the Scala area and visits the handicraft workshops, craftsmen created recently by young ceramic artist. Moreover, it visits picturesque streets with traditional houses, the old Turkish Cypriot quarter and observes traditional architecture.  

Ayia Napa (Only November-February)
The starting point is at the CTO Information Office at 12, Kriou Nerou Avenue.  
For more information call: 2372 1796. 
The tour iutilises traditional village buses and is called: "Ayia Napa and The Sea: A Different Dimension". The duration of the tour is approximately three hours with a twenty minute break. It takes place in winter time every other Wednesday. The language used being English and German or English and Swedish. It is necessary to book in advance.

Paphos (not in August)
The starting point is the CTO Information Office at 8, Agora Street. 
For more information call: 26 932841.
The walk takes place throughout the year on Thursdays and it lasts approximately two and a half hours with a twenty minute break. Some of the main features of the walk include walks around Paphos town centre (Ktima) and the study of the development of the city centre from the late Byzantine era to modern times. Visitors explore various historical monuments of different periods like Medieval, Ottoman, British and modern.